Thursday, 29 May 2014

Summer bucket list

I'm linking up with Deanna Jump to write my to-do list for this summer. Even though summer doesn't start for me for another 5 weeks, I can still plan ahead!

Number 1 on my list is to relax and de-stress after the school year.

I also want to catch up on some musical watching. Hoping to get tickets to the Lion King, even though I've seen it before, I really want to watch it again!
I want to eat a lot of dim sum when I'm visiting my parents. It's a meal I've really missed recently!
I'm flying back to the UK for a month (so beyond excited!) and top of my list while I'm there is catching up with my friends and family.

I also want at least one Sunday roast. Hopefully roast pork... with roast potatoes... and fresh vegetables... and gravy... yum!
I also want to create a few products for my TpT store. I've now got 20 products in there, but want to increase this as I have loads of ideas and loads of new clipart to use!
Graphic by Creative Clips
While I'm in England there will be obligatory trip(s) to the Cath Kidston shop to stock up for the next year!

I am also hoping for a weekend away with some of my UK friends so we can have a proper catch up and make up for me living so far away most of the year.

I'm moving flat this summer, so unfortunately (as I hate it) I've also got to pack and unpack at some point!


  1. Hello! I LOVE the Lion King - I would go see it again, too! You are so lucky to come from England! Do you still have an accent? I've been watching Orphan Black on BBC America lately, and I'm really enjoying it. Do you ever buy clothes from Boden? Really colorful and cute.

    1. I do still have an accent, and am apparently giving it to my class as I'm told by the parents! I've never ordered from Boden, although many of my friends do, I keep meaning to check it out! I do miss England a lot, so really looking forward to the summer!


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