Friday, 23 January 2015

Finally posting!

My poor followers/readers who have stumbled upon this page will have forgotten about me soon with the complete irregularity with which I am managing to post!! But I'm back today with a Five for Friday on an actual Friday!

Contract for my new job signed and sent, so its official my move! Though I still have several months to get my head around this new chapter in my life. Thank you for all the good wishes I've had so far!

Our half-term topic is plants so we planted some beans to observe the germination and growth process. After we got over our disappointment that they did not grow overnight like Jack's beanstalk, it is the favourite spot in the classroom to check on their progress.

A doubles game that I found on Pinterest that was a freebie! Find it at The Reading Corner.

In the December sale (only just a couple of posts back on my blog, argh how badly I'm doing as a blogger!) I bought these link it up games from Lauren Kuhn and I finally remembered to get them out in class this week. 

I went on a school trip this week, so much fun as we went to the theatre! My little darlings first time on a trip and they did brilliantly with the bus journey, 'starving to death' (missing our morning snack time) and then picnic in the park. 

Sunday, 11 January 2015

A mid-January Currently

Really quite late to the party this month, but I've been having a difficult few weeks with decisions and life planning to do, but the good news is, I finally know what is happening and I'm very happy about it. More information to follow!

Listening - to Casualty, a programme I haven't watched in years, so slightly confused with the characters!

Loving - that I have the ability to sunbathe in January and I definitely took advantage of that yesterday

Thinking - at last I know what I'm doing this year, such a weight off my shoulders!

Wanting - to sleep later than 5am for once, this week jet-lag from my Christmas trip back to the UK has really affected me

Needing - to do housework, I'm constantly behind on it, it seems

Yes - change job (ahhhhhh, scary times ahead!)

Maybe - do my planning more than a day in advance lol

& Wish - do some regular exercise (this really is quite unlikely to happen)

Please visit Oh' Boy 4th Grade and link up if you haven't already (and you probably have as I'm nearly 2 weeks late!) I'm number 326, oh dear!
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