Friday, 24 October 2014

Don't keep calm

I'm off to Sydney for 10 days, its been a long 8 week half-term, topped off with United Nations Day celebration today (let's feed the kids loooooads of sugar) so I'm off for a complete relaxation! 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Things to look forward to

It is Monday and I refuse to be depressed at the beginning of a working week, so....

10 Things to look forward to

  1. I've booked my flights home to the UK for Christmas for a proper English Christmas (what are my chances for snow?!)
  2. I've accepted my friend's wedding invitation for December since now I'll be back 
  3. I bought myself 4 new nail polishes yesterday just because, and so I have lots of fun pedicures to come
  4. October SLANTbox Exchange
  5. new episode of Downton Abbey to watch
  6. after tomorrow morning, I'll be done with all my parent meetings
  7. lots of new books downloaded onto my kindle ready for when I finish my current series
  8. no staff meeting tomorrow!
  9. it's exactly 1 month until my 1 year blogiversary!
     10. In 4 more 'sleeps' it will be half-term and I'm going to Sydney!!! I cannot wait!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Five for Sunday

Where has my weekend gone?! I know I rarely actually manage to post Five for Friday on Fridays but seriously a Sunday may be a new record for lateness! It's practically the next week lol

I've been watching a couple of British education 'reality' documentaries recently and they are presenting quite different views of the education systems in Britain! 

As part of our Harvest topic, we had a bread tasting session this week. Yum! (Unsurprisingly the chocolate bun was voted the favourite!)

In my craft club, we made pumpkin pictures based on an idea from I {Heart} Crafty Things.

Some tricky word practice on my whiteboard. 

This week has been report writing week, so no photo, but a huge chunk of my time this week!!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

A Five for Friday Currently!

Here is my Five for Friday... on a Saturday as per usual!

My SLANT box for September made it to the post office this week! Sorry Stacey its going to be a bit late!!

Look at these cutie capital letter cards I found for free at A Special Kind of Class. Straight into my Challenge Area for my kidlets.

Another fantastic find from Mel at Frog Spot are these one more and one less game boards.

I made this a little while ago (and I took photos so I must write it up as a 'How to' post) and my class are loving using it to count our number of days in school.

And here is this month's Currently from Oh' Boy Fourth Grade.

Listening - Horrible Histories are just so fun to watch (yes I know I'm 20 years older than the target audience)

Loving - The slight (slight!) drop in temperature from the rain today

Thinking - That I failed in my Sunday Scoop aim to blog mid-week :(

Wanting - Not to have so much work to do... it seems never-ending right now!

Needing - to book my half-term holidays, we are considering Sydney... am unbelievably excited!!

Treat - Here is a little Friday Saturday Freebie with a Halloween theme!

Freebie Fridays
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