Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Teachers are Heroes!

If you follow any other blogs at all, I'm sure you are aware of the Teachers Pay Teachers sitewide sale tomorrow (US time). But just in case you have somehow missed the adverts, I'm adding mine! Visit the TpT site tomorrow and find many stores (including mine) at 20% off, then enter the promo code 'HEROES' to get a further discount!

Also a reminder to leave feedback if you download any products, both free and paid. I know that as a seller, I appreciate all feedback I get left and it makes making and sharing my products worthwhile (especially as my sales really do not make much of a financial impact lol!) Also as a buyer, any feedback you leave on paid products will result in you gaining TpT credits which you can use to get money off on future purchases. Everybody wins!!I certainly will be grabbing some items off my wishlist, why don't you?

Sunday, 8 February 2015

CNY Freebie

Now that is a much more exciting blog post title than my previous one!!

With Chinese New Year coming up (February 19th 2015) I thought I would gather together a few more ideas to help celebrate and teach this fabulous festival in your classroom.

Last Friday, my class made the some goldfish suncatchers as decorations for our classroom as goldfish (and pineapples!) are commonly found in decorations due to their colour being cl'ose to gold. If you are interested in making them, check out my How to... tutorial.

A favourite (and fairly easy chorus at least) song to sing at this time of year is 'Gong xi gong xi'. Why not try and learn it with your class? As an aside, the youtube channel the below video is from has several videos that might be useful.

For even more ideas read my post from last year Gong Xi Fa Chai (early).

Click on the images below or visit my TpT store here to grab a copy of this simple roll and read game. It is currently in my Challenge Area as a themed bit of reading practice!

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

 p.s. Thank you to my lovely commenters on my previous post, you really cheered me up!

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Trying to keep some momentum

This post is just a random splurge of my thoughts and, for once, not a link up with anyone! Which will probably just mean that no-one will actually read it as I don't think I get much independent traffic lol!

I've found time management quite hard over the last couple of months and unfortunately blogging is one of those things that gets pushed further and further down the to-do list. There have been the 'normal' (increased?!) workload and in addition I have been agonising over a fairly momentous job decision. (As an aside, as I typed the word 'agonising' the song Agony from Into the Woods popped into my head, the best part of the film imo!)

Anyway, the job situation I think is being resolved and I will be moving on from my current position in the summer to another country (still abroad though) and I really hope that everything works out. If I manage to keep some (any!) sort of momentum with this blog going, I guess we will all find out!!

Friday, 6 February 2015

Currently a 100th post

It seems fitting for me both that I am writing my 100th post with all the '100th day of school' posts around the blogging world and also that I am linking up with Oh Boy the 4th Grade for a Currently post for my 100th post as it's been with me since single figures!

Listening - I just have rubbish tv on for the sake of noise rather than any serious watching going on!

Loving - Only 1 more week of school, then its half-term! Whoop, whoop!!

Thinking - My brain has been fried this week, so its barely processing any thoughts right now...

Wanting - A relaxing weekend, although I feel the mountain of work I should be attempting may interfere with that.

Needing - More sleep. I had a sleep-walking incident last night which massively interrupted my sleep!

Pagent title - I write lists, attempt to prepare in advance, prep, colour-code, sort and constantly try and stay organised or I'll go mad!
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