Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Teachers are Heroes!

If you follow any other blogs at all, I'm sure you are aware of the Teachers Pay Teachers sitewide sale tomorrow (US time). But just in case you have somehow missed the adverts, I'm adding mine! Visit the TpT site tomorrow and find many stores (including mine) at 20% off, then enter the promo code 'HEROES' to get a further discount!

Also a reminder to leave feedback if you download any products, both free and paid. I know that as a seller, I appreciate all feedback I get left and it makes making and sharing my products worthwhile (especially as my sales really do not make much of a financial impact lol!) Also as a buyer, any feedback you leave on paid products will result in you gaining TpT credits which you can use to get money off on future purchases. Everybody wins!!I certainly will be grabbing some items off my wishlist, why don't you?

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