Monday, 2 March 2015

Currently on time!

Look at this, only the second day of the month and I'm posting my Currently. I'm so impressed with myself :) I'm also in the top 150 posters of the linky party, a record for the last few months for me!!

Listening - and watching! Call the Midwife. Love me a good historical tv show!

Loving - Just got home from a spur of the moment (well 2 days in advance planning) weekend away. Drove to a tourist town a couple of hours away and spent the weekend shopping and sightseeing in the sun. Was really fun and like a mini-holiday!

Thinking - That my new system of noting down my most essential to-do items on my planning book rather than a separate notepad it working quite well, its early days yet though so there is still time for me to make a mess of it! Lol

Wanting - To not have to tidy my flat... it is a complete state!

Needing - To lose some weight unfortunately as everything is getting a little too tight... and I'd rather not have to buy a new wardrobe just because I've gorged on too much cake.

Spring Break Plans - no Spring Break as such, but in a month there is Easter holidays and I'm off to Japan for a week with my parents which will be so much fun as I've not been there since I was a child. 

Now if you have read this far, you should head over to Farley's link up and check out some more. 
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