Monday, 23 December 2013

Double figure posts!

This is my 10th post whoop!

I very much enjoyed the link up from last week with Doodle Bugs Teaching so here is another link up, this time with Miss Kindergarten, A Teeny Tiny Teacher and Dragonflies in First.

My purple boots that I bought about 7 years ago. I looooooove them so much! Where I currently live, it does not get cold enough to wear them, however, I've come home for the holidays and am all booted up and in heaven!

Catching Fire. I was disappointed by the first film after adoring the book series, however, I was pleasantly surprised by the second film. Of course, now the long wait until the third!

I already mentioned my obsession with 'I'm a Celeb' in another post but it is probably my favourite tv show!

Din Tai Fung. It's a Chinese restaurant that has branches around the world (I've been in 3 countries!) and I can't get enough of their speciality 'xiao long bao'. To die for. 

This is an easy one. 

I turned *cough* 30 *cough* this year, so I was lucky enough to receive some amazing and very generous gifts. I'm not sure I could choose a favourite although the surprise trip to the Harry Potter studio was way up there!

Here is a photo of some marshmallow snowmen I made with my class. No recipe, but I got the inspiration from a pin from Dusti's Cupcakes

Since I only have 9 blog posts other than this one to choose from, I think this might be better answered nest year! However, the most popular page so far for visitors has been my link up for the Christmas Questionnaire.

Surviving my first year in my new job.

This is my favourite mainly because the actual Nativity set is one of my favourite belongings (you know the whole 'What 5 things would you rescue if your house was burning down?', this would be one of them!)

Going home in the summer in time for one of my best friend's wedding.

To open up my TpT store properly and put some resources into it!


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