Sunday, 30 November 2014

2+1 Wishlist Link Up

Today I'm joining in with Teaching Tales Along The Yellow Brick Road's 2+1 Wishlist Linky Party. I'm getting ready for the sale that starts tomorrow by adding items like crazy to my wish list, how about you? My entire store will be 20% off and if you add the code TPTCYBER at checkout, you could earn 28% off your purchases!! 

Now ironically, my most wish listed item from my store is my Superhero Number Bonds which is free! So I'm going to use my most wish listed paid item, which is also my bestseller - Count the Room Minibeasts. This uses numbers to 10 to 20 and has multiple applications in (or around!) the classroom. 

The second most wish listed item in my store is my Fish Themed Capital and Lowercase Letters. This game is great for practising matching the capitals and lowercase together. Could also be used in a underwater themed classroom!

My wish list is 3 pages long currently and I shall definitely be making a bit of a dent in it when the sale starts, but one thing I shall be sure to be grabbing is Secret Sight Words from Brooke Beynon. This looks like exactly the sort of thing my class will love!

What will you be buying? Why not head over to Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road and link up? And don't forget to visit my store on the 1st and 2nd December to take advantage of the TpT Cyber Sale, just don't forget to enter the code at checkout! 

Saturday, 29 November 2014

It's a 5 for Fri..uh Saturday

As so often with my link ups, I'm a little late, but at least I'm still occasionally managing to turn up to the party!!
On Monday and Tuesday there is a site wide Teachers Pay Teachers Sale, which my store will be participating in. Huge bargains for shoppers just waiting to be found! I shall certainly be making a dent on my wish list, how about you?

Banner made by Teachers Are Terrific

Christmas officially starts on Monday in my classroom, but I couldn't help sneaking in my favourite Christmas craft a few days early! Check out my 'How to' to make your own glitterific stained glass windows.

A little ice experiment in Science this week. 34C at 8:45am outside... the ice didn't last long!!

My class were weather reporters earlier in the week, unfortunately no photos without children in them, but it was so hilarious. I let them use whichever weather symbols they liked and let's just say the chances of snow in this part of the world dramatically increased!

Ashlee from Teacher Will Run For Books has nominated me for my second Liebster Award, look out for a future post about this! What a nice blogiversary present for me!
Why not head over to Doodlebugs and check out everyone else's Five for Fridays?

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Has it really been a year?!

Or in other words...


I have got a few things I want to talk about in today's post, but firstly let me start with announcing that for 24 hours I am putting my TpT store on sale with everything 20% off.

This time last year, I had been stalking a few blogs for a couple of weeks (notably The Clever Classroom and Mrs Fultz's Corner) and I had decided to take the plunge and share some of my thoughts and opinions. My first post was only a few lines long, but since then I like to feel that I have come along in leaps and bounds. Yes, I'm still under 100 blog followers, but I feel I've achieved a lot.  I've won both a Leibster and Sunshine Blogger award. I've been featured on Teaching Blog Addict's Freebie Friday and Teaching Maddeness' Budding Bloggers. I've had a new blog design done by Designs by Christie. And most importantly, I've connected with other bloggers both new and experienced!

I posted earlier this week about things I am thankful for, at this point I want to add that I am thankful for all of my 62 Bloglovin' followers, all of my 127 comments and all of my 5000+ page views. Thank you for taking the time to read and visit my little corner of the blogging world! Here is my thank you to you, a forever freebie of an alphabet jigsaw game.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Blogiversary coming soon!

On Thursday, it will be my 1 Year Blogiversary and I've got a couple of surprises planned, so please drop by and check it out!!


And for those of you at the beginning of your blogging journey, I encourage you to check out this great post by Creative Playground.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

I'm thankful

Although Thanksgiving is not celebrated in the various parts of the world that I have lived, I saw this linky and thought that being thankful is something that everyone can (and indeed should) have as part of their lives. So first of all, thank you to Primary Powers for hosting this link up!

What are you thankful for?

Friday, 7 November 2014

November Currently

My blogging habits are truly dreadful at the moment, but I somehow feel if I manage to join Oh' Boy 4th Grade's Currently (albeit a week late!) then I haven't completely given up!!

Listening - Friends (series 9), I've watched this so many times that its even been in my Currently before!

Loving - We started back on Wednesday, so I've only had 3 working days! Though its a crazy 7 weeks of term before the Christmas break...

Thinking - It may have been a slight 'honeymoon' period after half-term, but my crazy class of Year 1s are finally appearing to have settled down (fingers crossed for next week!)

Wanting - Another week's break to recover from the fantastic, but incredibly busy half-term I've just had! Below are a couple of my highlights from my 10 days in Sydney.

Needing - To make a start on making my Christmas cards. While I was away the Christmas patterns arrived so I'm very excited!

Reading - Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb. I usually like fantasy books, but this one seems a little slow paced. I read 3 books on the plane home though, so there wasn't much choice on my kindle!
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