Saturday, 29 November 2014

It's a 5 for Fri..uh Saturday

As so often with my link ups, I'm a little late, but at least I'm still occasionally managing to turn up to the party!!
On Monday and Tuesday there is a site wide Teachers Pay Teachers Sale, which my store will be participating in. Huge bargains for shoppers just waiting to be found! I shall certainly be making a dent on my wish list, how about you?

Banner made by Teachers Are Terrific

Christmas officially starts on Monday in my classroom, but I couldn't help sneaking in my favourite Christmas craft a few days early! Check out my 'How to' to make your own glitterific stained glass windows.

A little ice experiment in Science this week. 34C at 8:45am outside... the ice didn't last long!!

My class were weather reporters earlier in the week, unfortunately no photos without children in them, but it was so hilarious. I let them use whichever weather symbols they liked and let's just say the chances of snow in this part of the world dramatically increased!

Ashlee from Teacher Will Run For Books has nominated me for my second Liebster Award, look out for a future post about this! What a nice blogiversary present for me!
Why not head over to Doodlebugs and check out everyone else's Five for Fridays?

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