Saturday, 3 May 2014

It May be time for a Currently!

So another month rolls by and I'm yet to hit my target of blogging 3 times a week regularly! However, I can start May off with one of my favourite types of post, a link up with Farley's Currently.

Listening - I adore Friends and am currently watching my way through the whole box set of DVDs. I'm nearly at the end of Series 3.

Loving - The Biscuit Box. I blogged a picture last week of some biscuits sent to a friend for the birth of her new daughter which I loved, but here is the one I got for my brother for his birthday. Amazing! Especially since these ones were a bespoke order for me as cricket is is favourite sport and it wasn't one they had on the website.

Thinking - Procrastinating is so much more fun than working, unfortunately once this post is done I really do need to do some work.

Wanting - We had a sponsored run/walk of laps of our track, I managed to do 7 miles which is a massive achievement for me and my level of unfitness (slightly eclipsed by the 5 year old in my class who did 11!) however 2 days later I can still feel it in my legs!

Needing - To go house hunting. In July I am moving out of my present accommodation and so need to start the hunt for somewhere new to live. Not really sure what am looking for, so suspect I've got to spend a while narrowing it down!

Surprise - The blog I'm going to surprise is Happiness is Watermelon Shaped in 3rd Grade. Susan always leaves the nicest comments on my blog and makes me feel that what I write is appreciated, so I wanted to send her back some of the same feeling!

Happiness is watermelon shaped!

Please go and check out her blog and also Oh' Boy Fourth Grade to find more great blogs in the link up!

Also a heads up for the TpT {heart} Teachers Sale coming up this week. I'll be putting my entire store on a 20% discount! 
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  1. 7 miles of walking is a major achievement! Congratulations! Also, good luck on your house hunting!
    Differentiation Station Creations

  2. House hunting is so exciting! Fingers crossed for you!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  3. Super cute blog! Love the biscuit boxes! I had not heard of these before. What a fun way to surprise someone. I totally get what your saying with your sore legs, they say it always hurts wors the 2nd day after. You should be proud of doing 7 miles. I am pretty sure your 5 year old student would have passed me up Good luck with your house hunting!

    Luv My Kinders

  4. Hahaha, I can relate to your procrastinating! I should be lesson planning instead of writing this post! Blog stalking can be addicting!

    Andrea @ Cheers To School


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