Saturday, 24 May 2014

Five for Friday time

So another week has gone by and another week closer to the end of the year, and yet the work continues to pile up!

I'm linking up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the fabulous Five for Friday linky party which is just so much fun if you have never tried it. I've found many of my favourite blogs to read through this link up and I'm sure a lot of my followers have found me the same way!

I've posted off my first ever SLANT box to my new friend Amanda from His and Her Hobbies . There are no pictures as I don't spoil the surprise, but hopefully when she receives it she will have a reveal! If you haven't heard of SLANT boxes before, its run by the lovely Jameson from Lessons with Coffee and you get paired up with two people, one to send to and the other to receive from. I can't wait to get my box from Jamie at Miss Math Dork.

In my craft club, I've been sewing bookmarks with the children. For some this has meant lots and lots of re-threading needles and untangling knotted thread, but it was worth it when my littlies manage to create pieces like this!

As part of the school's healthy eating week, my class cut out pictures to make their own balanced diet plate. I may have created a group of monsters though as I was apparently so passionate about the need for a healthy diet, that at lunchtime they all refused the cake and asked for fruit... the entire week!

A website recommendation that I've recently sent out to the parents of my class, Words for Life has reading tips, recommended books and downloadable activities, all split up into age groups. Go check it out!

And last, but not least, its our half-term holiday this week (yes I know some people have finished completely, but we have another half a term to get through, so I'm happy about my week off now!) so I intend to do as little work as possible and catch up with my reading. I have 5 new books lined up and have made it my challenge for the week to finish them!
Graphic by Creative Clips


  1. I love the sewing project and balanced plate idea. I will have to check out slant box, that sounds fun!

  2. Words for Life looks great, can't wait to check it out a little more, thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi there! Thank you for your post on my blog. I love the look of yours, it's so cute!! :) Thank you for the idea of Words for Life - currently working on a preschool project and have idea where to start - that will be a great help!!

    Sea of Knowledge


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