Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Just a quickie!

Am in full report-writing swing and haven't been able to sit down for a proper blog post this week yet (have a great one half-written!!) but I just wanted to pop by and join in for The Teaching Tribune's Summer Bloggin' link up because Tuesday's are a deal day and I wanted to let you all know which two products of mine I've put on sale for this week.

First up is a capital and lowercase letter matching game. Popular with my class, particularly useful for practising with those struggling with remembering what different capitals look like.

And also on sale is a recent addition to my TpT store, another set of tricky words, but with a cute chameleon theme. This is a combined set of all the tricky words covered in the UK Letters and Sounds programme, plus some blank cards for your words!

Click on the images to grab these for 50% off! 

On a side note, not sure I'll be able to join in next week's Two for Tuesday sale as all the rest of my products are either free or too cheap to be able to discount by 50% according to TpT! Hmm... where can I find some time to make some more products?!

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