Saturday, 28 June 2014

Five for (almost still) Friday

It seems like a while since I've managed to be organised enough to link up for Doodlebugs' Five for Friday, but I've pulled together a couple of random bits from my week!

I was given this game to use in my classroom. My kidlets absolutely adore it (I think the novelty hasn't worn off yet!). It's great for fine motor control and even basic strategy. And will be even better at the beginning of the year for my new ones.

I had the beebots out in Maths last week, a great interactive way of teaching direction and turning (why do they still not know their left from their right?!) and will definitely be featuring more in my lessons next year when I have to teach basic programming as part of the curriculum change!

I grabbed another great freebie from The Teaching Tribune's Free Font Friday. I wish I was talented enough to create my own fonts!

Packing officially starts today for my house move... I've timed this perfectly with the end of term, its not like school is manic and I'll have plenty of time to have a relaxing move right?!?!?

Only 1 more week in school, then I can stop dying with jealously reading about everyone's summers and actually enjoy my own!! 

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  1. Beebots are fantastic. I need to get my school to order more and plan to use them in lots of maths lessons for various things (coin recognition, number sequences, shape recognition etc.) next year!
    Growing Little Learners


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