Thursday, 19 June 2014

I've got mail

So on Monday I was VERY excited to find out that I had not one, but two packages waiting for me after work (and its not even my birthday yet!) It's taken me until today to blog about it, but better late than never!

The first was from a local bookshop with a couple of teaching books I'd seen on sale, some summer reading for me!

But the second... was my SLANT box!!!

Now if you haven't heard of SLANT box, I highly recommend you head over to Lessons With Coffee as the June/July sign ups are still open until Sunday. SLANT boxes are 'spreading love across the nation' for teachers and I participated for the first time in May. I loved getting to know my partners and sent off my box to His and Her Hobbies a few weeks ago. And now mine from Miss Maths Dork has arrived!

Inside was...

Some super cute earrings, maths themed, how appropriate!

Some lovely pastel pens in all my favourite colours (can't wait to try these out)

And a personalised drinking cup in pink!

Thank you so much Jamie, I love it all!!


I'm taking a break from the next SLANT box because of moving house/spending the summer abroad, but I'll definitely be signing up again!

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