Monday, 2 May 2016

It's a last Currently!

So it was with a heavy heart I read Farley's announcement that May 2016 would be the last time that she hosted the Currently link up. It has been without question, my favourite link up over my years blogging right from my very first time participating when I'd never joined in any link up before. It was the first time that anyone had commented on my blog and was the beginning of attracting some regular readers. The 'Rule of 3' has not only introduced others to my blog, but allowed me to find many of my favourite blogs to read.

Anyway, for one last time, here is my Currently...

Listening - Reminding myself of the greatness that was the first series of the Matt Smith era (compared to the latest doctor, who unfortunately has not been a good replacement imo).

Loving - It's Labour Day, so I've had an extra day off today. I was persuaded to go on a hike up a mountain though so not quite as restful as I'd planned!

Thinking - I am going to ache tomorrow after the unaccustomed exercise! 

Wanting - A magical fairy or someone to have done all the housework that I should have done over the weekend, yet I somehow haven't!

Needing - To get started on the end-of-year reports as there are only a few weeks until the deadline and it takes me ages to write them and proof-read!

Truth - I am genuinely worried about how I'm going to keep my blog going without this monthly link up. I've just about managed to post twice each month, but one has always been a Currently! Wish me luck folks!!


  1. Wouldn't it be so great if tiny woodland creatures did all the housework? =) Hiking on a long weekend sounds nice; maybe not restful, but probably beautiful!

  2. Haha I love that meme! I hope you get some rejuvenation on your holiday!!!

  3. I was in love with David Tennant and didn't like Matt Smith at all. The new doctor I could take or leave. Good luck with those end of year reports, they are a killer.


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