Monday, 26 October 2015

Trying a link up!

I know everyday posting will not be happening, but I came across a lovely link up today as I was perusing my Bloglovin' feed and thought why not have a go and at the same time show my little blog a bit more love?

So I've decided to join in with Trina at The Ordinary to Extraordinary Classroom for her 'Meet the Teacher Monday'.

This week she would like readers to post about their Halloween This or That. So here is mine...

No I cheated and didn't choose an answer for the last one as I don't watch Halloween themed movies (have a fear threshold of about 1!) and so I had to look them up as I'd never even heard of them let alone watched them! 

I've also never actually carved a pumpkin, but that definitely sounds more fun than just painting one! Although here is a throwback picture from last year that my tinies made...

Anyway, why not head over and link up yourself? 

1 comment:

  1. The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is family classic. We always bake cookies and watch. Well, we used to. My boys are grown now:-( I gave you a shout out on Instagram, thanking you for informing me about my boo boo. It's kind of hard to participate when you can't respond:-D


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