Friday, 30 October 2015

5 for Friday, the on-time edition

Look at this miracle of 3 posts in one week?! That's more than the last three months put together!

Anyway, to remind people that my blog still exists and that I'm still posting (occassionally), I'm joining in with one of my old favourite lunky parties, Doodlebugs' Five for Friday.


The other week our teddies came to school and I used them much like an 'elf on a shelf' scenario. We put them all to bed in our 'Bear Cave' role play area, but much to our surprise overnight they escaped and were found playing all over the classroom the next day and for the rest of the week. Some absolutely fantastic speaking and listening and writing followed with really enthused children. 


As part of their morning routine, my class self-register by placing their balloons on the rainbow to say they are 'ready to learn'. Like many incentive charts, they can go up to the sun for fantastic work/behaviour etc, but I was more excited by my new teammates' idea of what happens when they go down. If they reach the black rain cloud, they spend a few minutes on the 'Thinking Chair' to reflect on their choices. I chose a positive yellow colour to help them associate the chair with a positive consequence as after their time finishes we talk together about what we could have done better and return straight to the rainbow.
Over the week, parents bring in 'star moments' they have witnessed their child doing outside of school for us to share with the class. I have loved the "she played football at training for the first time'"or "he helped his little sister get dressed". Of course, there are the few parents that misunderstand the purpose... "she enjoyed watching tv" "he likes to eat food"!


Recent phonics game, where the children rolled the dice, counted the correct number of spaces and said the grapheme they landed on. We played it twice, the second time, they had to give a word containing that sound as well.

Not school related, but just happened to watch a new advert created by the Thames Valley Police about consent. Absolutely brilliant and straight to the point. Well done them!


  1. I love your star moments board. That's such a cute idea and it's so important for kids to know that their parents notice their successes.
    Grade School Giggles

  2. Your blog is adorable!
    I love 'he likes to eat food..' Sounds like something I'd get from my kiddo's parents!

  3. Your blog is just adorable, so cute. Love your 'elf on the shelf' style game with the bears! Sounds so much fun, I bet the kids just loved it! Your star moments board is amazing, that's a brilliant idea!

    Teaching Autism


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