Sunday, 3 May 2015

Must Be May

Only three days into May and still not able to make it into the top 100 of Farley's Currently. Such a popular and fabulous linky party!!

And here is mine for this month...

Listening - Britain's Got Talent (or possibly Britain's Got no Talent judging by some of the acts so far!!)

Loving - I was persuaded to go out drinking last night with some work colleagues (I'm really too old for this!), however, I woke up this morning and no hangover! 

Thinking - holiday plans are coming together! I have 2 months left here and I've got 3 weekends away planned to try and tick off places on my bucket list.

Wanting - a long weekend, seriously half the world seem to have a long weekend with Labour Day, Wesak, May Day or something and I'm at work!!

Needing - With only 2 months left I really need to start getting myself organised!

Summer: yes - Move country, that is happening!! ARGH!
hope - Not hyperventilate about said move, this is unlikely to happen...
dream -  The move goes well and I have made the right decision in uprooting myself!


  1. OK - now you've got me curious about where you are and where you're moving to! I'm going to have to snoop around on your blog and find out more about this! It sounds like a grand adventure to me - and summer is the perfect time for that! Good luck on your journey!
    ~ Melissa

  2. I enjoy watching America's Got Talent so think I would like the British one too.
    Moves can be stressful, but wonderful things can await. Good luck with your big one!!!

    : ) Renee
    The Third Grade Learning Spot

  3. Yikes, having to move doesn't sound like fun! I hope all goes well. Love your blog! It is super cute! I have been teaching 23 years...seems like a lifetime at times, but I get to teach science everyday and I LOVE it. It lets me teach hands-on all day! This Memorial Day we have a whole team of 12 year old boys and their families staying with us at our cottage for a baseball tournament. Should be fun...I think! Enjoy your time before the move!

    Renee at The Science School Yard


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