Friday, 17 April 2015

Flash freebie - a new product at last!

I don't normally use my blog to write posts that are purely about products, but since its been so long since I actually managed to create a new product I thought I would make an exception today. A request from a reader has led to me to adapt one of my previous products and create...

This is to help with the common letter reversals 'g' and 'q' by providing card with the letters in different fonts and colours, which the children then need to sort into the correct groups. Mats have picture clues on to help identify the sound.

And the best part of this post? I'm going to make this product absolutely free for the next week! Head over to my TpT store and grab this product (click on the image above or here).

After the next week, it will become a paid product. If you like this or any other of my products I would really appreciate feedback and constructive criticism for any future products I might produce!

Happy weekend all :)

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