Friday, 12 September 2014

Back on the blogging bandwagon

Ok its been a week, but at least that's better than a month!!

Here is another fav link up with Doodlebugs' Five for Friday. Although admittedly the photos are a mixture from the last fortnight.

Last week we worked on the book 'How to Fill a Bucket' for most of our first few days. My wonderful TA made some of their work into a display for me!

My new baby! This beauty was waiting for me in my classroom when I returned after the summer break. Already both the kids and my favourite thing about my classroom!

Week 2 and I've managed to get food into the curriculum! A Science lesson on the sense of taste, seemed like an excellent excuse to get the different flavoured crisps out. 

I had this display up in my windows when the kidlets started last week, it was made up of work they did on their transition morning. Unfortunately I can't show you close up or I would have to blur out too much of the display! But it was a photo, a drawing of themselves and some writing saying their name and what they like. Gave them something to look at even on their first day here!

Cute welcome sign from Little Lovely Leaders that I used on my first day, but now have along a bookshelf as it was too cute to get rid of straight away!

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