Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A little book talk

Am slowly catching up with my regular link ups, and today its the turn of Mrs Jump's Book Talk.

The book I'm going to talk about today is 'Shark in the Park' by Nick Sharratt.

This fun, brightly illustrated and rhyming book is a great read-aloud, but I've used it specifically as part of one of my Phonics lessons for the phoneme /ar/. It's the story of a boy Timothy and what he sees through his new telescope that he mistakes for a shark. Every time the children spotted the /ar/ sound they had to read the word. They became very enthusiastic about the refrain by the end of the book!

Inside there are cut-outs to mimic Timothy who is looking through his telescope, but each time is revealed not to be a shark by turning the page. Although the last page also got my class very excited! 

Additional ideas for this book include making your own telescopes, rhyming pairs games, predicting what else Timothy might mistake for the shark and of course, a soft toy shark being hidden around the classroom/playground! 

There is also a sequel Shark in the Dark, which I'm on the look out for! 

What books do you recommend for Phonics teaching?

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