Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Letter reversals b and d

Quick blog post about a product I created for a couple of my littlies who are still struggling with recognising the letters b and d. This is a simple sorting activity, although can be extended in several ways. Click on the images below to visit my store.

A quick and simple activity that could be used in a centre or as intervention work to target specific children. Cut (and laminate) the letter cards, including some that are blank for you to write your own in your handwriting, and ask children to sort onto the appropriate mat. There are mats with and without the guidance letter (clipart gives clues to the correct letter for each mat). You can extend to asking the children to write their own b's and d's either on the mat or on the blank cards. You could also ask them to label the pictures.

I am considering making these for other common letter confusions such as p and q and i and j, but will wait to see how popular this product is! Any other suggestions of letters that frequently get confused?

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  1. Thank you for the idea! My children usually have problems with letters q and g. We like to call them queen and girl and make pictures of them. Sometimes we cat this ‘mishmash’ letters out of paper or make them soft. It gives the opportunity to touch the letters and for some kids it is really helping. My children like to play computer games with letters, and my adult ones use online sources, like this essay writing service in Britain . I like to use both computer and some creative activities for learning and my children are never bored.


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