Wednesday, 2 March 2016

March Currently Time

So February was not as blog productive as I'd hoped, but in my defence, half-term distracted me!

Anyway, time to start another month with another Currently with Oh Boy It's Farley!

Listening - Jane the Virgin, found this show on Netflix and its hilarious. So ridiculous, but completely addictive!

Loving - Skype. Whoever invented this was a genius! I spent 2 hours catching up with one of my former colleagues (and closest friend at my previous job) who I've been missing terribly at my new job.

Thinking - How long can I drag out my dinner time break before I need to go and do some work (answer: quite a long time if I start blogging)

Wanting - Dessert, but I've given it up for Lent...

Needing - To blog, more than I did last month anyway!

Polling Site - No polling site here as I'm not in the US, but even on polling days, my school won't be one that gets used. In the UK, when my previous school was used we had staff INSET days so there were no children on site.


  1. Your school has the right idea with a teacher work day for polling days. I'd love that. This time of year things are CRAZY!
    Have a great month!

  2. Great idea with staff day overlapping with polling days! I feel you on dessert. I've only had sugar three times in 2016. It's like trying to get off crack.


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