Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Fourteen in '14

This link up last year was the linky party that introduced me to one of my favourite blogs to read by A Teeny Tiny Teacher and I followed her straight away and have spent the last 12 months reading her hilarious and informative blog posts. I'm so glad that she and her two friends Miss Kindergarten and Dragonflies in First have decided to host this fabulous review of the year again. Plus its a good excuse for me to actually write a post (3 weeks since my last one argh!)

Last year I picked my purple boots and whilst they are still probably my favourite item of clothing, as I barely wear them any more (I live in a country which never gets cold enough for boots!) this year I am choosing my beach sarongs. So light and easy to throw on over a bikini when on holiday. And no, there are no photos of me wearing them!
Unsurprising choice for me given my pick of the second movie last year, but I am really enjoying these adaptions of the books (for once!). 
I've been a fan of Downton Abbey for years and am completely invested in all the characters! Only a couple of days to wait for the Christmas special!
I can't pick one, but pretty much most of the places I ate during my holiday to Sydney were fabulous. I was in a food coma for most of the week!
I opened my Teachers Pay Teachers store this year and whilst sales are slow, I have had some great feedback and I'm still genuinely amazed that anyone at all wants to use my resources! 
I adore anything Cath Kidston and this was my new phone case I got in the summer... love it!

This was a pin I found one lunchtime and it was such a simple but effective idea, I had managed to get it prepped and done by the end of the day! And the children loved it!
My favourite blog post to write this year as been 'Has it really been a year?' that I wrote a couple of weeks ago to celebrate my 1 year blogiversary. A milestone I was not sure I would reach!

Selling my first product on Teachers Pay Teachers. It was Count the Room Minibeasts, a product that is still my bestselling product! 

A great photo from a great holiday.
So many memories so hard to choose! Probably my best memories this year came from my trip to Sydney. 

To post on a regular basis!
All year round, but most especially during this festive season!

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