Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Book Talk Tuesday

For today's link up with Mrs Jump's Book Talk Tuesday, I've chosen not a book I've used in the classroom but one I bought just yesterday for a present as it's the summer holidays after all! This is an absolutely adorable book called 'Buster's Farm'.

Buster's Farm is by Rod Campbell, the author of Dear Zoo (another favourite for my classroom) and apparently there are other Buster books available. This one is a touch and feel and has very cute pictures so hopefully will be well received by the baby I shall be meeting for the first time on Friday (let's hope her mother, a teacher friend of mine, doesn't read this before!) I love touch and feel books for babies and the reviews on Amazon claim this one is quite sturdy!

Why don't you head over to Mrs Jump's Class to find some other great book recommendations?

1 comment:

  1. Yes, this book is adorable! I also bought one for my little princess. You know it inspired to create another one myself. I am quite good at sewing so I was able to make pages of different materials but this company helponessay.com helped with writing, however I had my own ideas. I believe that things made with your hands have special influence. Now we are going to make the next tiny book with my daughter. It will be very simple but she will draw pictures herself and I will help with writing the story.


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